Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4 Ways to Build a Team

You're interested in the Climate Leadership Challenge. You have interests and skills to contribute, and maybe even an idea to pursue. But you're looking for teammates and don't know how to find them. Here are four quick and easy ways to build your CLC team and increase your chances of winning the Challenge!

1. Post a note on your facebook page. Tell your friends that you're interested in entering a student innovation competition that calls for creative solutions to the causes or impacts of climate change, and that you have the chance to win between $2000 and $50,000. You can also remind them of the other great reasons to enter the Challenge and of all you gain from the experience alone. You probably have friends who haven't yet heard of the CLC, and your facebook post may be enough to get them interested.

2. Post a note on the CLC facebook page. Others visiting the page will see it, and then I'll know that you're interested and looking. I have been able to introduce students and help direct students with particular skills towards teammates who are looking for those skills, and I'm happy to help you, too. You just have to let me know you're looking.

3. Join our Ning network. Add your name to one of the groups - 'Idea-makers' or 'Teammate for Hire', place a 'want-ad' or create a profile with your background, skills and interests. The more students join the Ning network, the better use it can be. For those of you who don't know, the Ning group is a private social networking site, open and visible only to those who join it. We've created one for the CLC as a way to facilitate team-building and networking. Pop on over and check out who is already waiting for you now!

4. Come this Thursday evening (5-6:30pm) to our in-person networking/team-building event at Sector67! Hear more about the CLC, ask your questions, get a tour of the resources at Sector67 (click for map) and do some networking. We'll share our backgrounds and skills we have to offer, and you'll have the chance to talk with other students who are in the same boat as you. You may even come away with fully-formed team!

While individuals may enter the CLC on their own, we strongly encourage the formation of interdisciplinary teams. Over the past two years, the strongest proposals have come from teams. So put your heads together, combine your skills, and let's hear your ideas for confronting climate change.

You can be part of the solution - what's your idea?

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